Why purchase your egg belts from Agri-Equipment?

You have a choice when it comes to egg belting. Agri-Equipment woven polypropylene egg belts and our related services provide many competitive advantages:


  • We specialize in woven, 100% pure polypropylene egg belting from 2” to +8” widths using proprietary yarns and weaving processes available only with our AE UltraS and AE UltraH products. 
  • Agri-Equipment has been manufacturing for +30 years and we have a long track record of providing high-quality belting at a competitive price.
  • Our engineered technical textiles are heavy-weight at about 17 oz./yd2 but with a soft “feel” due to our specialized weft (lateral yarn).
  • Our customers include industry-leading OEMs.
  • We manufacture in the US at multiple facilities that allows us to provide fast order fulfillment in any lengths required for the installation. We can drop ship directly to the end user (US).
  • We test our finished product for low elongation and shrinkage important for ease of installation and maintenance. We also test for bow to insure proper tracking.
  • We are not just an egg-belt supplier, but partner with our customers to solve their egg belt application problems and take pride in the fact that we are the only US manufacturer of high-quality egg belting.


Nominal Technical Specifications:


Material: 100% polypropylene in various colors

Widths:  2 in. to +8 in. (50 to +200 mm)

Lengths:  Per order

Thickness:  0.04 in. (1 mm)

Weight:  17 oz./yd2 (576 gm/m2)

Shrinkage at 130°C:  6.1%

Extension at 750 lb.:  4.9%

Bow per 36” (0.91m):  0.09 in (2.3 mm)


Below are pictures of typical belts:

AE UltraH - 7.75" (197mm) width

AE UltraS - 4.75" (121mm) width

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