Our Purpose and Core Values

Our Purpose

We exist to be a vital part in feeding the world.


How we do it

Working hand in hand with farmers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, Agri-Equipment manufactures high quality egg belts right here in the USA. Our belts help our customers produce clean, sustainable and affordable eggs in an environmentally conscious manner.


Our Core Values

Our faith guides every interaction with our customers, suppliers and the community. These core value values include…


Quality...our goal is to provide cost effective, quality products that exceed any competitive supplier.


Exceptional customer service and support...we focus on communicating effectively and in a timely fashion, and believe that your problems are our problems. Our goal is to simplify your life.


Reliability...we will always follow through on our commitments, strive to meet delivery expectations and QC our products to ensure consistent quality. Our goal is long-term, collaborative business relationships.


Integrity…we value honesty in every interaction, day in and day out.  We simply do what is right. 



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