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Agri-Equipment International has been supplying the highest quality woven polypropylene egg conveyor belts for more than 30 years, where they are used in commercial egg-laying operations and breeder farms. We sell directly to large farming operations as well as through distributors, and are proud to be the preferred supplier to many OEMs of commercial egg-laying and breeder systems. 


Why consider choosing Agri-Equipment International egg belts?


...Our engineered textiles use properitary yarns and weaving processes to ensure low elongation and shrinkage, reducing installation and maintenance. Our AE UltraS and AE UltraH products are engineered and designed with one goal in mind...high quality and value-in-use. 


...We manufacture in the US, and provide belts in any length desired. Our order flexibility means OEM customers do not tie up capital in inventory. 


...Our long experience in supplying quality egg belts means we reduce your risk and simplify your life. Whether you are an OEM, a farm or distributor, you have more to worry about than the quality of your egg conveyor belts. 


...Agri-Equipment is not just an egg conveyor belt supplier. With our engineered products, technical support and manufacturing capability we are a partner dedicated to solving your egg conveyor belt challenges. 

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